I'm McLain


Weddings and marriage have captivated my attention because the love between a husband and wife is a direct reflection of the love between Christ and the church. So, naturally, I want to insert myself into the world of weddings and couples wildly in love.

I'm a lover of people and a lover of Christ.

I will sing every word to a song and dance until I can't breathe. 

I love photography; being behind the camera allows me to capture love stories, joyful moments, and authentic beauty that is within every soul. I am passionate about serving other people and my creative brain loves the art of photography. 

My style of photography: 

If you’re looking for nice, posed shots of you and your fiancé, it ain’t me. I love those sweet candid moments. My goal is for the shots to look like y’all are on your 3rd date and you’re all giddy and completely lost in each other and I’m just a fly on the wall, professional third wheel if you will.

7 Things I lOVE

7 Things I don't lOVE

North Carolina Mountains

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Local Coffee Shops

The Enneagram (I’m a 9w1!!)

The musician Sleeping at Last


Phoebe Buffay 

Big Cities


Rap music


Scary Movies


The Bachelor

McLain Stalker
Fayetteville, Arkansas 
& always on the go
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